Ariel Fogden

Ariel Fogden

Design Book Club

I envisaged Design Book Club in January of 2020 as a conduit for facilitating conversations about the intersection of design, ethics, and social change between students, educators, and professionals. Now in our second year of programming, the project supplements industry-focused university curriculum by critically investigating the ways that design affects society. We lead bi-monthly conversations based on curated reading lists, which are recorded, transcribed, and published as an additional community-created resource.

I currently lead community outreach, programming, and am the principle designer for all brand materials, including our social media, website, and publications. Visit the website︎︎︎ for more information.

Co-founded with Kris Blackmore.
Programming and administrative
support by Harrison Krohne.

This project would not exist without
the participation and support of so many
other people. It's truly a collaborative,
community led effort.