Design Book Club

In January of 2020, I founded Design Book Club—an experimental platform for participatory creative research. What started as a simple discussion group, has grown into a community organization that facillitates and publishes cross-disciplinary conversations about the intersection of design, ethics, and social change.

I currently lead community outreach, programming, and am the principal designer. Visit the website︎︎︎ for more information.

Co-founded with Kris Blackmore.
Programming and administrative
support by Harrison Krohne.

This project would not exist without
the participation and support of so many
other people. It's truly a collaborative,
community led effort. 

Assembly 2020 Catalog

The companion publication for the PSU Art and Social Practice Program’s annual conference, Assembly, offering an overview of 15+ socially-engaged artist projects and interviews. View a full PDF of the catalog on the Assembly website︎︎︎.

7 × 10 inches, 170 pages.
Designed in collaboration
with Jordan Rosenblum.

KSMoCA Artist Catalogs

Ongoing series of catalogs documenting visiting artist workshops and exhibitions at the King School Museum of Contemporary Art in NE Portland, OR. See more via the KSMoCA Print Shop︎︎︎.

7 × 10 inches, series of 8+.
Design Direction by Kim Sutherland
Edited by Roz Crews and
Amanda Leigh Evans.

Artists include:
Ralph Pugay (2019), Samantha Wall (2019),
Byron Kim (2019), Mónica Mayer (2020),
Arnold J. Kemp (2020), Wendy Red Star and
Beatrice Red Star Fletcher (2020),
Hank Willis Thomas and For Freedoms (2020),
and Addoley Dzegede (forthcoming).


For You (and Us)

I collaborated with my friend, Tia Kramer, to create a visual system that represents her ongoing social practice project in which she crafts a series of performances for specific people, often involving entire communities and sometimes performed over several days or months.

The booklets are reminscent of playbills, yet communicate the varied, organic nature through risograph print process and hand drawn elements by Tia. I devised a flexible typographic system that will accomodate various forms of poetry-inspired layouts and interviews for future performance booklets. Participants recieve customized versions of the booklets with expanded interview inserts, and a clear plastic box to hold the collection.

Illustrations by Tia Kramer.
Edited by Kelli Rae Patton.


As we transitioned to a life of isolation, art + design mentoring community, Friendtorship, needed a new way to connect college students with k–12 students. The site has a flat navigation system with multiple entry points, allowing a diverse range of users to interact with the content in ways that make sense to them.

Design support and content
management by Harrison Krohne.